Brief Explanation of JASBA

The Japan Audit & Supervisory Board Members Association (“JASBA”) is a public-service organization established in 1974. This was the year when Japan’s Commercial Code(*) was revised so as to strengthen the authority and independence of Audit & Supervisory Board Members.

  • (*) Laws governing companies used to be included in the Commercial Code. They became an independent act in 2005 as a result of enactment of the Companies Act which came into effect in 2006.

In those years, there were several corporate scandals, even among major Japanese companies, in which Directors were deeply involved. “Auditing” had become recognized in the Japanese business world as one of the most important and effective means to prevent such kind of corporate scandals, and many companies as well as academic circles strongly supported establishment of an organization helping Audit & Supervisory Board Members fulfill their expected roles and functions. As a result, JASBA was established.
Since the establishment of JASBA, there has been a series of revisions to the related Codes and Acts, which included introduction of the Audit Committee system. JASBA expanded its membership to Audit Committee Members and other similar type of officers(collectively “Similar Type Members”)who audit activities of an organization to which they belong. Currently the Association has about 5,900 members, either corporations or individuals, and about 7,700 individuals registered by them (“Registered Individuals”). They are from both large and small companies throughout Japan in all kinds of industrial sectors.

Our current main activities are:

  1. 1) Provide Audit & Supervisory Board Members and other Similar Type Members with necessary knowledge, auditing standards and related information
  2. 2) Study and publish the most desirable auditing practices for various subjects.
  3. 3) Research the actual situation of corporate governance among Japanese companies.
  4. 4) Publish JASBA’s views regarding improvement of corporate governance in Japan from the viewpoint of Audit & Supervisory Board Members and other Similar Type Members.
  5. 5) Publish the Association’s journal and other publications.

The business world has changed drastically in becoming globalized and the corporate governance system of Japan is expected to change much more to reflect such changes in business practices. JASBA’s roles are now more important for the sound development of the corporate governance system of Japan.

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